Frequently asked questions about temp mail

What's a disposable email address?

A disposable email address is a temporary e-mail account that can be used anonymously without cluttering your actual email address with spam or other unwanted messages. You can use it once and ignore it afterwards or use it for as long as you'd like. FakerMail offers free, instant fake email account for anyone who needs a quick, temporary email account for whatever reason they might have.

What are some common uses for temporary email address?

FakerMail temp-mail, or temporary email accounts are perfect for using in situations where you might not want to share your actual email account. Forums or other online sites that you might not frequent often or feel that you might be at risk for spam or other malicious activity are great use cases for a temporary, anonymous and disposable e-mail account. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even online dating websites like Tinder are great examples of sites where you might not want to fill your primary email account with constant alerts or site updates with. Simply generate a fresh FakerMail address and use it however you'd like.

What does it cost?

FakerMail is and will always be completely free. If you enjoy the service, feel free to donate to help with server and development costs.

How long are my emails available?

All incoming messages are deleted after 60 minutes but the e-mail address generated is available for a minimum of one year. Feel free to use it as long as you'd like.

Can I delete my messages from the server?

All e-mail messages are automatically deleted after 60 minutes. You can manually delete all of the message in your Inbox before the 60 minute mark by clicking the "Delete Messages" button. The address itself will continue to receive future emails so that you can always return to check your FakerMail inbox.

Are temporary emails safe?

Your emails are stored on the server for 60 minutes. FakerMail doesn't sell, use or otherwise interfere with any mail stored. Feel free to use your temporary email account however you see fit. That said, as with any temp mail services online, they are generally used as burner, or "throw-away" email addresses. They aren't something you would use to sign up for an online banking account or anything else of sensitive value. The reason being that there is a very small (1 in many millions) chance that someone else could end up with the same address as you, thus could see your incoming messages. The probability of this happening is extremely unlikely, but not impossible. If you need 100% secure disposable email, be on the lookout for a potential premium service that will be extremely affordable without the chance of address collisions.

Can I generate a new temporary email address?

Sure! Just click the "Generate a new one" link on the home page to automatically generate a brand new anonymous temporary email address. Just remember though, you might lose access to your old email address so make sure you take note of the email address first!

Are there browser plugins or mobile apps for FakerMail?

Temporary, disposable e-mail is super handy. I am definitely in the process of making browser plug-ins and mobile apps for andriod and iOs in the very near future. There will be other great features added to the browser plugins that make it super easy to creat anonymous, temporary user information tied directly to your temporary FakerMail account. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Is there an API for developers?

Currently there is no API, but there are plans to implement a full API in the future.

Can I send and receive temporary email?

You can receive as many emails as you want, but currently do to spammers and spam bots, sending email through FakerMail is not an currently an option.

How does the email generator work?

The disposable email generator randomly generates a unique user name at one of our many randomly generated domain names. Once your e-mail address is generated, you are free to use it instantly, or you can even generate a new one as many times as you see fit.


Why temporary email?

Disposable, throw away email helps you stay safe from spam and other malicious activity all while keeping your inbox clean.

  • Fight Spam

    The email address generator helps fight spam emails by giving you a randomly generated, fake email address that you can use to sign up to a website that you might feel would be a candidate for spamming or sharing your regular email address.

  • No hidden fees

    FakerMail has always been and will always be free. Free as in free, as in nothing. Use it once or generate an unlimited number of disposable email addresses with many email domains to choose from and the price is always the same (free).

  • Quick, instant, ready to use

    The mail generator generates an unlimited number of fresh disposable temporary mail addresses that are ready to use instantly. Copy your disposable email address and use it however you want, whenever you want and sit back and watch the inbox fill up. It really is that easy.

  • Get notified

    Get notified immediately once you receive an email through our browser extensions or through our mobile apps soon to be available on iOS and Android

A disposable, anonymous email account is a great way to avoid spam or unwanted solicitations. Fake mail is perfect for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Instagram or even dating sites like Tinder where you might not want the constant barrage of notifications clogging up your primary address. FakerMail's 60 minute email account is also great for public Wi-Fi sign-up pages, forums, blogs, comment sections and other places you might not frequent often and would rather keep your actual account safe from. A fake temp-mail, or trash account from FakerMail is a free, ready to use account that you can throwaway or keep for as long as you want. Keep your Inbox clean with FakerMail!

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